Create Better Travel Photographs by Waking Up Early

Great tip!

Photofocus (old site)

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a “morning person”, but when I travel my alarm is almost always set to wake me up before the sun rises. Whether it’s to photograph landscapes and nature, or to walk through a less-crowded market, I always find that time is on my side when I get up early. Here are some of the reasons that I’m keen on early days for photographers:

1. You see a “different” side of the area you’re visiting

My trip to Vietnam was one of my first experiences with walking the streets of Southeast Asia. I quickly learned that the markets we (tourists and travelers) see midday are VERY different from the markets that the locals actually shop from. While in Hoi An, I decided to get up early and walk through the main streets to see what it looked like before the sun was high in the sky. I not…

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