2 Tips to Help Normal People Look Great

Great tip and starting point for portrait sessions.

Photofocus (old site)

I don’t know about you, but most of the time my subjects are not models trained in posing for the camera, but I still need to help them look good. Did you know that most people look their best with their left side facing the camera? It’s true–I heard it on NPR (plus several studies I’ve read reports on, and my own experience substantiates it, too). As many as 80% of people look best facing to the lefthand side of your frame. I love it when there’s a clear, simple rule about making a better picture.

However, I need 100% of my subjects to look their best, so what do I do?

1. Take the Bet: Short Light on the Left

80% is really good odds, so when I shoot I usually plan to have my lights on the left side of the frame. Why do my lights go there? I’ve talked…

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