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Happy Halloween!

A few pics from this evening…Pre-Trick-O-Treating photo session…Two speed lights, one silver umbrella and a black back drop. Captured with a Canon 70D….


Conquering Lightroom’s Import Window

Photofocus (old site)

Getting organized in Lightroom starts at the import stage.  A little organization up front goes a long way towards succes.

While an entire chapter can be written on how to design and optimize a file structure system, I’d like to keep it simple. There are many way to accomplish this. What works for me, may not work for you. Overall your file structure system has to make sense to you (or you won’t follow it).

Getting Organized

This is one example on how I designed my file structure system for the majority of my photos. This example is for Senior portraits but is easily applied for other shoots.

  • I have an external hard drive named: “Drobo-Photography (E:)” connected to my desktop with a main folder “Photography.”
  • Inside this folder are subfolders organized by the client’s name.
  • After a shoot, I import images to a subfolder I create with the date and a…

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