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Finally, A WordPress Site for Photographers

Originally posted on Photofocus:

Before committing myself to photography and video production full-time, I spent the better part of ten years in web design and development. While working in that arena, I discovered rich world of open source technology and WordPress. One of the folks I met along the way is Aaron Hockley, WordPress evangelist and fellow photographer.

When I found out that Aaron was launching wp-photographers.com, a blog dedicated to helping photographers better understand and manage WordPress, I had to know more. The site launched a few weeks back and Aaron was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

Aaron Hockley, Founder

Aaron Hockley

Please tell us a little bit about yourself; your experience as both a photographer and WP user.
My background is in technology – software development to be precise. I started working with blogs in 2001 and began using WordPress in 2004. I’ve blogged personally and professionally since then…

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The family ventured out to Cracker Barrel this morning and we were saddened to hear they no longer carry Molasses. My wife’s grandfather use to make it on their homestead. It was sought out within the community and highlighted in the local paper.
Our trips to Cracker Barrel were strolls down memory lane and an opportunity to partake of Molasses.
I’m perplexed that an old fashioned restaurant would stop serving an old fashioned dish such as molasses.
#old fashioned,#southern,#food